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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Score: 5/10

Director: Bill Condon

Stars: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad.

Beauty and the Beast cover art


Emma Watson

Synopsis: A live action adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monster like prince and a young woman who fall in love.

Review: If you saw a tea pot and a clock come to life and start singing, dancing, and having heart felt warm conversations with you, you might think a couple of things: one you lost it, two those mushrooms on the pizza you ate where actually shrooms, three that was NOT an aspirin you though you took this morning, and/or four all the above. Yes in the wonderful world of Disney, you can speak to inanimate objects and they WILL talk back.

Beauty dancing with the Beast.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson is a truly classy young proper British lady and it shows in this film. I appreciate the classiness the British actresses bring into films. It is a wonderful femininity that and strength of character that makes life great. Their smile and sophistication is truly divine. It really shows in this film. Women like Emma Watson is one of the reasons I made this blog. I feel like Watson saves this movie because I really did not think much of this film at all. The first halve of this film is not too much happening. The other halve starts to get the ball rolling in this film.

Emma watson a proper lady.


Emma Watson

The Beast? Should I be worried? You know, THE BEAST! I really only cared for the main focused characters like the Beauty, the Beast, the Candle Holder, the Tea Pot, her Cup child, etc.. The other characters in the Tavern? What ever. They seems only to be their to fill in the runtime of the movie. I have to be honest, was laughing when Watson was saying “the Beast wouldn’t hurt any one!” you just can’t help but think of the biblical Beast. I’m sorry but it was funny when there trying to SAVE the Beast.

Beauty with the Beast.


What's that?

In closing Disney have made better movies in the past. This one is not a bad movie, its middle of the road. Some hilarious over acting in this film, kind of like a musical play. Singing every five minutes. I’m some how reminded of The Phantom of the Opera for some reason. Anyhow this film is passable.

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