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Cyberbully (2015)

Score: 9/10

Director: Ben Chanan

Stars: Maisie Williams, Ella Purnell, Haruka Abe.

Cyber Bully cover art


Maisie Williams

Synopsis: Seventeen year old Casey Jacobs (Maisie Williams) sees an upsetting posts on social media from her ex-boyfriend Nathan and decides to get back at him by hacking into his social media account, helped by a online Blackhat.

Review: One ice cold revelation in this film is that by seeking absolution she is in fact becoming the very monster she sought to fight against. It looks like she is fighting fire with fire, like a cyber war with words in this film. It turns out that this Blackhat Hacker is cyber stalking Casey for multiple reasons but one of them is because she is a 'Troll' or a 'Cyber bully' herself. She has caused some critical damage to another person out of what she thought was just being funny. She has caused the kind of damage that’s too late to take back. It seems like she is innocent in the beginning but as the movie moves further along, she realizes what she really is, a Cyber bully.

Maisie Williams afraid.

Nude selfies

as blackmail

I tell you, Maisie Williams is one of the best! The fear she shows in this film looks totally real, especially when the Blackhat Hacker threatens to post her nude selfies on her now hacked social media account for all friends, family, and fellow students at school to see. She is truly scared of their judgment and her reputation being completely destroyed, which leaves her at the mercy of the Backhat. The Hacker blackmails Casey into doing what he wants.

The damage of cyber bulling .

The Damage of


Casey plays what seems like a chess game in order to get her self out of this very bad situation. She also has to face up to the very bad decisions she has made and the fact that she is no better than her enemy. There are many reflections to computer cutler in this movie. How “trolling” and “bullying” are rationalized in the real world as a joke, for fun, or that the person deserved it.

Maisie Williams realizes what she has become .

It hits you!


A very dark movie indeed. I think movies like this one are the scariest since this kind of thing can maybe happen in real life or something to the effect. A film like this can scare a parent wondering who their teen aged child is talking to on the internet. Amazing work on Maisie Williams part in this film. I do like how this film is shot in a room with the door shut, symbolizing that Casey cannot escape, she must own up, and face her sins. This one is one of my top picks, but it’s a dark one.

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