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Gold (2014)

Score: 8/10

Director: Niall Heery

Stars: Maisie Williams, James Nesbitt, David Wilmot, Kerry Condon.

Gold cover art


Maisie Williams

Synopsis: An estranged father who returns to his hometown after an absence of ten years in order to reconnect with his daughter and ex-wife but unwittingly finds himself responsible for almost destroying all their lives.

Review: Maisie Williams (Abbie) has a suicidal father name Ray (David Wilmot) who shows up out of the blue to see her. Abbie is very uncomfortable around him since every one thinks that he is a total nutter. He is homeless and lives in his car that has a sofa strapped to the top of it. Ray wants to take Abbie to see her grandfather because he is dying. Ray is afraid to see his father by him self so he tries to use his daughter Abbie for support. This event causes Abbie to bond with her estranged father Ray. Her father is a really bad influence on her. He is really not father material at all. Even when he thinks he is doing the right thing, he does not have the common sense to know that he is causing trouble with the family Abbie already has.

Maisie Williams as Abbie.

Maisie Williams

as Abbie

Frank sees him as a failure who could not raise his own daughter so he him self will take up the responsibility. Frank (James Nesbitt) is a intense track running trainer who has his own work out videos. He is more of an entrepreneur who is trying to get the work out videos to take off, make money, and get the word out about a new running technique he is trying to promote. In order to live up to Franks standards of track running, Abbie obtains illegal substances to make her run faster.

Maisie Williams.

Well done!

Maisie Williams

Abbie has some friends as well who are interested in buying some of the illegal substance from a shady dealer that tries to rip them off. This causes a whole load of trouble for the whole family. Frank is the step father that takes care of Abbie and her birth mother Alice (Kerry Condon). Abbie really respects Frank a lot and wants to be the best track runner for him. The bond that the characters share is great to see. No matter what happens Abbie wont give up on her father and he wants to be better for her.

Maisie Williams.


Maisie! Run!

I really enjoyed watching this film. It was good. The cinematography was average. The music was alright. All of the actors do a solid job but Maisie Williams gives an awesome performance in this film. Her acting is very real. She really knows how to truly become the character she is playing, showing a wide range of emotions. This was a good film movie.

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