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I Want You (1998)

Score: 8/10

Director: Michael Winterbottom

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Alessandro Nivola, Luka Petrusic, Labina Mitevska, Paul Popplewell, Ben Daniels.

I Want You cover art

I Want You

Rachel Weisz

Synopsis: A young boy and his sister are drawn into one man’s obsessive pursuit of his former lover.

Review: A voyeuristic young boy is stalking Helen ( Rachel Weisz ) a hair dresser. He is known to her only as her admirer. Mean while Martin ( Alessandro Nivola ) a parolee who was imprisoned for murder is stalking Helen as well. He is not permitted to do such a thing but he has trouble following the rules. He risks going back to prison in order to get up close and very personal with her.

Rachel Weisz as Helen.


Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz’s natural British accent is amazing. She is a really good actress. She plays this role effortlessly well. Labina Mitevska who plays a singer named ‘Smokey’ is not bad at all in her role. She shows a wide range of acting skill. All of the actors are well cast in this movie. You will notice a strong eastern European influence all throughout the movie as well as a British vibe. The mix between the two is nice.

Helen her Stalker.

Helen and

her Stalker

The film focuses on the concept of attachment. Some of the characters are so attached to the others that they risk their very livelihood for the other characters. Some of the orphan characters are still looking to fill the void deep inside themselves from the loss of their parents. The film also posits the idea that you never really know a person the way you might think. You may think that a particular character is a certain way but you learn very quick that they have some really dark secrets that they are hiding. This keeps the film interesting since there is always something new to learn and see.

Helen and Martin.

Helen and


This is definitely NOT a family movie at all. There is a lot of sex in this film and only some of it is censored ( one scene is strangely censored, while the others are not ). Full frontal all the way. One scene has a very lewd sex act that was blurred out. I wont explain it here because I try to keep this site as classy as possible. That kind of thing was more ‘hardcore’ than Hollywood, not something that’s usual in films today but it was there in the film. The movie has some weird editing. The scenes cut from one scenes to another with out any transition which makes the film have a more lower-end Indie film feel to it. The cinematography is just alright. Some of the scenes are not very cinematic. Some scenes have nothing to them camera wise. The director just sit’s a camera on a table and the film has no pans or zoom ins in certain scenes, just the actors moving around a room, that’s not very cinematic at all. The backgrounds are good. The natural backgrounds such as the beach are the best. The set dressing and wardrobe are just fine. The lighting is stylistic which may come off to some people as strange. The film has all kinds of twists and turns that are very unexpected. This is not a boring movie at all. This film is also not an action movie. Its a more slow weekend watch. Not a bad film.

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