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Noah (2014)

Score: 9/10

Director: Darren Aronofsky.

Stars: Emma Watson, Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly.

Noah cover art


Emma Watson

Synopsis: Based on the biblical epic of Noah. A man is tested like no other on this planet. Noah is the chosen one who will help his creator cleans the world to start anew.

Review: Noah lives in a dangerous world. Death is all round him. He lives in a barren land with hardly any vegetation and scarce game. The brigands that he runs into are despicable. They thrive on killing and murder. There is no unity among them accept for the worst of human attributes. Seeing this the ‘Creator’ has chosen to cleans his creation to start over. How could some one live in a world like this? Death and destruction every where. What goes around comes around and since these marauders put only the worst into this world they got back exactly that, death. Some would call this Karma others would say that’s what they get.

Russell Crowe as Noah.

Russell Crowe

as Noah

Noah is a man torn apart. He is split between what he must do and what his human heart is telling him. This causes him great pain. Russell Crowe shows us all why he is one of the top actors in Hollywood. But who can forget the Grandmaster of British Actors himself, the legendary Anthony Hopkins. When he takes on a role he evolves that role like few on this earth can and not just in Hollywood either. He easily does an impeccable job as Methuselah. All of the actors in this film do a very convincing job. Emma Watson is great. When she cries for her babies it is heart breaking. The scene with Noah, the twins, and Ila ( Emma Watson ) was intense.

Emma Watson as Ila.

Emma Watson

as Ila

The film focuses on the concepts of duality and balance. Duality in the form of the dark side of the male consciousness, in this case Tubal-cain ( Ray Winstone ) who represents the dark side of man. Raping, pillaging, murdering, and concurring for short sighted material gain. Noah ( Russell Crowe ) represents the light side of man. The father, the husband, the provider, the supporter, and engages in violence only as a last resort or necessary evil. Two forces working in the same world. One wants to concur and control, the other wants to procreate abundance and peace. Unfortunately, within the bounds of the films narrative, one side must win in order for there to be peace. The synthesis between the two sides of light and dark is creating a balance or harmony. For Noah, this road towards peaceful balance is a rough one. I honestly feel sorry for Noah.

Noah's Ark.



There is a whole story arc of the Watchers and how these celestial being came down upon the earth and taught humans how to create. By doing so the humans then turned their new found creations into tools of death. Yes you see this story every where, just like Prometheus. Something can be used for good or evil. Whether or not the cleansing or the actions of the ‘Creator’ makes any sense in this movie is beyond this review. The creative license is what I’m interested in. Both Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly bring the much needed nurturing female aspect to the film. They both do an excellent and convincing job. Top level performances from both of these actresses.

Emma and Douglas.

Ila and Shem

Emma and Douglas

Amazing graphics, cinematography, and actors, wow! The film is told like an epic mythology and the director has done superb work with the creative remaining of this classic story. Its great how the film breaks the mold and takes a very different approach to the epic. Excellent use of time lapse and editing. Brilliant and fitting musical score. This is a well done movie.

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