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Regression (2015)

Score: 9/10

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Stars: Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis.

Regression cover art


Emma Watson

Synopsis: A detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a nefarious underground while investigating the attack of a young woman.

Review: John Grey ( David Dencik ) is asked by the local police to come to the department and answer a few questions. He is accused of salaciously abusing his daughter Angela grey ( Emma Watson ). The police have a writing testimony of Angela’s horrible experience. One barrier standing in the way of investigators conforming what happened in Angela’s testimony is that John is mentally unstable and has been abusing alcohol for many years. A psychologist named Kenneth Raines ( David Dencik ) helps the police department by putting John under hypnotic regression. This uncovers the start of a underground conspiracy that tears the community apart.

Emma Watson as Angela Gray.

Angela Gray

Emma Watson

Emma Watson does an incredible job, especially when you watch the whole movie tell the end. She can charm the birds out of the trees. Superb top notch acting. This character of hers is incredible. If you watch the movie you’ll see why. Ethan Hawke is amazing. He really does know how to play someone who is losing it. From the TV series Alias (ABC Network), to Taking Lives (2004), and Training Day (2001). He does a solid job in movies. Its really no wonder why he is on the A-list. He is very entertaining. His acting is so convincing. When he plays a part in a movie, he becomes that part completely. I’m satisfied with the performances of all of these actors. This is what happens when you hire the right people. You get a high quality film.

Emma Watson Old Wounds.

Emma Watson

Old Wounds

The film focuses on the concept of memory. Can the memories the characters John, Roy and Angela be trusted? Can the memories help the investigators build a case? Its been said that we do not actually remember what has taken place, but a version of what has taken place, based on your point of view. Every time we visit are memories, we change them even a little bit. Memories are one of those things we humans use to measure the world by and validate who we are. But they are very much untrustworthy. Its like a crime that has taken place. High quality HD security camera footage with all the right angles can be excellent evidence of a crime, while first hand accounts of an event usually has very different stories. People can have there own unique version of what has taken place in a crime. Investigators have to sort through all the many testimonies to find out what actually happened in a crime. Lets keep in mind that there is a reason why forensic science is the main focus in today’s world of law enforcement. Not to say that good detective work such a interrogation is not credible, it is. But usually hard evidence is what’s needed to achieve a conviction.

Emma and Ethan Having a moment.

Emma and Ethan

Having a moment

Damn this movie! I wont spoil anything but seriously damn! The film is supposedly ‘inspired’ by real events. How much of that is Hollywood and how much is creative license by the creators of this film is up in the air. As far as the story is concerned, it was good. This movie makes you think. The cinematography is done well. The camera angles change from normal wide screen cinematic to first person perspective in order to show the audiance the disorientation the characters feel during certain events. The movie keeps you guessing. I like how the film constantly pushes the narrative forward. The characters in this movie exist to serve the plot. This was clever. Its a good watch.

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