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ROGUE ONE a star wars story (2016)

Score: 9/10

Director: Gareth Edwards

Stars: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen.

Rogue One cover art

Rogue One

Felicity Jones

Synopsis: Jyn Erso, a Rebel soldier, is about to experience her biggest challenge yet when Mon Mothma sets her out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. With help from the Rebels, a master swordsman, and non-allied forces, Jyn will be in for something bigger than she thinks.

Review: I absolutely love this movie. Easily one of my all time favorite films. This film captured a lot of the magic of the original star wars trilogy magic for me. Their really is so much this film has to offer. Felicity Jones does a truly magnificent job in this film. Wonderful performances like hers is why I made this web site to show my appreciation for the awesome job these British actresses do. She plays a truly excellent character in this master piece of a film.

Felicity Jones in Star Wars.

Jyn Erso

Well Done!

I love how Felicity Jones character Felicity (Jyn Erso) is a member of a team and how they work together in order to accomplish their goal. In contrast Luke sky walker in the Empire strikes back, goes off by him self gets himself into trouble. She is not too powerful where one might feel that she is over powered. She uses all the tools available to her to keep the team together. Jyn gives an inspirational speech when needed, convinces the team members who need convincing, fights when needed, takes the lead, and supports her fellow rebels when needed.

Darth Vader and Orson Krennic.

Darth Vader


The Rebel team is actually very interesting. They are defiantly deferent from each other. From the blind monk to the smart mouth robot, all of the characters have something to offer this film. I was extremely pleased to see the panicle of all science fiction villainy himself in this movie, Darth Vader. I got what I wanted out of this film for sure.

Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso.

Thank You!

Felicity Jones

I feel like she is more of a well thought out character with some depth and a past. I found the movie very interesting in how we see the whole Disney canonical film from the rebels point of view. I'm glade I saw this film. Its one of my top picks.

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