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Spike Island (2012)

Score: 5/10

Director: Nour Wazzi.

Stars: Emillia Clarke, Hadley Frazer.

Spike Island cover art

Spike Island

Emillia Clarke

Synopsis: Five teenage friends will stop at nothing to attend a concert by their favorite band, the Stone Roses.

Review: This film is about a group of rowdy teen aged boys in high school looking to start some trouble. They care about all the asinine things that boys this age actually think matters. They see a young Sally (Emillia Clarke) walking down the stairs of the high school stairs in slow motion like she is in some kind of shampoo commercial and are dumbfounded. These boys in this movie are trying to find them selves as they grow into young men. They are faced with all of the troubles typical of guys this age. What values do they stand for in the face of peer pressure, do they bend or break when facing the demands of society, and how can they earn the respect of the people around them so they can be recognized as men. Bullying and taunting are some of the problems of one of the characters in this film.

Emillia Clarke as Sally.


Emillia Clarke

So Emillia Clarke plays the ever lovable ‘Sally’ who loves music and wants to go to the concert with the boys. She plays a young girl that’s just trying to have fun with the guys. Emillia Clarke does a decent job in this film. Of course nothing beats Khaleesi! Emillia Clarke has range, she can be the great Queen Mother of Dragons or a simple British high school girl who loves music and wants to have fun.

Sally and a boy.

Sally with

her friend

The boys are in their own band and play well. In-band politics shake up the foundation of the boys friendship. You can defiantly see the male hierarchy in this movie, the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega males are all here. The characters are faced with challenges and experiences that causes some of them to question if they are going to stay a Beta and change into more of an Alpha. There is a question of who is going to lead the band and why? I think these areas of the film are very real. I know a lot of guys the age of the main characters who can relate to what the are seeing in this movie, except for stealing some ones car, that’s just plain messed up.

Sally having fun.


having fun

This is a basic movie about a bunch of young people who think that a concert is the best thing to happen to the world ever. The cinematography is decent, a some what deferent look from regular movies of today. Its definitely not a bad film. Its OK for a simple movie.

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