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Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015)

Score: 7/10

Director: J.J. Abrams

Stars: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac

Star Wars The Force Awakens cover art

Star Wars 7

Daisy Ridley

Synopsis: Thirty years after the destruction of the Death Star two, the Galaxy is now facing a new threat from the First Order.

Review: I’m a bit on the wall about this one. I thought Disney would have shown us a version of New Jedi Order, but instead we got another version of the Empire in the form of the First Order, a familiar desert planet, a familiar super weapon, and a pale, frail, black hooded bad guy. Strangely this is some kind of remake of sorts of the other films before it. Not what I was hoping for but this is the film we got, so lets dig right into it.

Rey with bb8 in Star Wars 7.



Rey is an interesting character. Yes, there is the question of who are her parents, but I really don’t care. Its who she is now, how she has changed on her journey, and the choices she will make as a person that I’m interested in. I do agree that she has a bit too many power in just one movie, but I am glade that she is a character with a broad base of skills such as fixing the Falcon, flying, fighting, and the force.

Rey with a blater shooting.

Rey is armed


Finn being a lying, sneaky, rouge is actually fun to watch. Seeing him change from a not so good person and strive to be better , growing from a boy more into a man is good. I like to see the change in the characters as they learn from each other and the situation they encounter. It makes the movie seem more fleshed out so to speak. But Finn also seems to be infatuated with Rey in a monomaniac kind of way. The guy barely knows her.

Rey with lightsaber.

Rey is ready!

lightsaber skills?

We really have to see more from Poe in future movies. We did not get to see enough of him. Oscar Isaac is in my opinion one of the best actors in movies today. I like a lot of his work in other films. I just feel like there is not enough development of his character here. Back to Rey. Some of my favorite scenes of Rey is her interactions with Han Solo. Since Han has been around the block, he seems to understand Rey on some level that is calming and reassuring. I know he can see some potential in her.

Rey packing scrap.


Handling her business

To some it all up. The Force Awakens feels like it did not really know what movie it wanted to be, but for what it is the film is not bad. The film just doesn’t make too much sense to me. Why did the people of the Star Wars universe sit back and allow something like Starkiller Base to be built? They did see what the Death Star was capable of right? How did the First Order successfully form right under the Rebellions nose? I know that a lot of questions will be answered in other media from Disney, but we are talking about the movies. I like how most of the characters are deeply flawed, which allows the characters to change in their dynamic environments. In some way its difficult to really judge the movie being that it is part 7 in a 9 part movie series, but unfortunately this one so far feels like the weakest Star Wars film because it is not unique enough to stand on its own. It does take too much from other films yet it entertained me enough for the film to be passable.

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