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The Bling Ring (2013)

Score: 8/10

Director: Sofia Coppola

Stars: Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Israel Broussard.

The Bling Ring cover art

The Bling Ring

Emma Watson

Synopsis: Inspired by actual events, a group of narcissistic fame obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

Review: Rebecca ( Katie Chang ) befriends a boy named Marc ( Israel Broussard ) and gets him to go on a crime together. She knows how to make him feel significant. He admits that he has self esteem issues, so to him this attractive girl who is paying him attention is his dream come true. Rebecca plays off of his need to connect socially with other people as a means to control him. Rebecca is a Alpha female who tries to control how other people think. She does not give anyone a chance to say ’no’ or you will look out of place and unreasonable, even if what she is trying to do is completely unethical and immoral. Marc does not want to be rejected or ’cast away’ so he goes with the flow and does what Rebecca wants him to do. Rebecca uses every aspect of her personality to completely control the narrative and social engineer what ever she wants out of every one, like a true villain would. She is some one who knows how to convince Marc to do bad things with here soft voice, smile, and fun personality. Social media, smart phones, and night clubs are some of her tool for appearing innocent. Rebecca knows how to make Marc feel apart of the ‘in crowd’ and that stealing is no big deal. Marc has gone from a law abiding, lone wolf, Omega male to a submissive, social engineered, Beta male puppet for sure. He comes up with nefarious ideas and starts to do illegal substances, all the while completely believing that this kind of behavior is OK. These girls totally got him. He dresses and thinks differently from who he originally was. As you can see, social engineering is a major aspect of this film. Their parents are completely oblivious to what their teenagers are doing and I mean all of them! Your children are robbing celebrities and are wearing the most expensive clothing possible and no one really even notices that much in this movie. Probably just in the movie they don’t ask to many question compared to the real life events the film was inspired by.

Emma Watson eating.

Emma Watson

Nom, nom, nom...

Emma Watson is an enchantress in this film. She does a great job at playing a suburban middle class high maintenance teenaged girl. She really knows how to be a lying, sneaky, and conniving she-devil. Her character in this movie is sneaky as all hell. Emma does a convincing American accent. She wears the clothing well in this movie. She has the style and look necessary to make this character work in this movie and she owns every scene. You can easily see why Emma Watson is one of the top actresses in general. She is definitely the star of the whole movie and when she shows up in a scene, you don’t even notice any one else. Her incredible acting skills and talent carries the whole movie, especially when some of the other characters appear wooden.

Emma and Friend.


Emma Watson

The film focuses on the concepts of hero worship, narcissism, and spectacle. The characters go beyond simple youthful exuberance and hyper focuses on the thrill of a crime. The hero worship aspect of this film comes from the fact that the bling ring crew wants to be the celebrities who’s homes they are stealing from. They idolize these entertainers and search the internet for any scrap of news or gossip on them. OK, lets be honest for a second. I think we are all guilty as charged for hero worshiping Emma Watson, lol. The bling ring crew wants to personify the celebrities by actually wearing the clothing items that they stole from them in order to ’feel’ like them. Its hilarious how this crew have absolutely no moral compass and no mutual respected for the celebrities they supposedly idolize. They seem to be psychologically triggered by seeing celebrities in the mainstream media, which causes them to steal from them. The narcissism aspect of the film shows by how arrogant these people are to walk around the same neighborhood as the celebrities they victimized wearing the clothes that they stole from them, damn! The night life, the parties, and the drugs are like ‘fixes’ for them and when they don’t get caught doing something nefarious, they do more criminal behavior. Yeah, they really did need to be locked up.

Emma Watson.

Good Job!

Emma Watson

The movie is alright. I’m also keeping in mind that the film is ‘inspired’ by real events. The cinematography is fine, so is the music. Its an interesting film, seeing how far some people will go until you stop them with the law. These characters where just getting worse and worse. They start of with a simple crime and from there its a death spiral into a drugs, framing, and high level theft. It was fun to watch how far they would go. It was its own adventure seeing if they would get caught and what would they do if they did. Not a bad film at all.

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