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The book of love (2017)

Score: 5/10

Director: Bill Purple

Stars: Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Sudeikis.

The book of love cover art

The Book Of Love

Maisie Williams

Synopsis: Henry is an architect who starts losing it after his wife dies in a car accident. He sets out to help Millie, a homeless 16 year old girl build a raft to sail across the Atlantic.

Review: Apparently Jessica Biel’s character can’t even drive in a straight line. The movie pretty much set you up for tragedy. Maisie Williams character (Millie) almost seems like she’s surviving in a post apocalyptic zombie land in a modern suburb. So I’m guessing the husband has had some kind of nervous break down and the fact that he is not only smoking weed he puts it in a stew and eats it after he gives some to a dog. Yes you read that right. Its exactly what it sounds like. His friends, one of which name is “Dumb Ass” are not exactly a good influence on him.

Maisie Williams in the Hospital

In danger!

Help her!

Is it ethically correct to build a sixteen year old girl a raft and let her set sail in the vast open sea? Tearing down some of your house with a sledge hammer for wood to build the raft? Not one adult tried to stop this guy? Oh and by the way, the girl almost drowns to death and ends up in the hospital. They should have renamed this movie “Five inept adults” because with these fools this girl is in serious danger.

Maisie Williams at a door

A good Actress

Thank You!

I can’t say this is a serious movie. I can’t even say this is a funny comedy. The film seems unrealistic more than other movies. I won’t go any further with this review because this film will be spoiled. This movies is not really all that complex, in fact the movie doesn’t even seem like its finished. This film leaves the viewer with more question than answers. If you don’t take the movie too seriously and just accept it for what it is, the movie is not so bad. Which isn’t saying much.

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