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The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

Score: 7/10

Director: J.A. Bayona

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston, Ann Mitchell.

The Deep Blue Sea cover art

The Deep Blue Sea

Rachel Weisz

Synopsis: The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love Affair with a Royal Air Force pilot.

Review: The film takes place around the nineteen fifties in Britain. Here we have Hester Collyer ( Rachel Weisz ) who is at first seems happy, but is secretly longing for her lover Freddie Page ( Tom Hiddleston ). Some might even say that she is feeling a lot of guilt for cheating on her husband Sir. William Collyer ( Simon Russell Beale ). Even in the company of her husband she still feels lonely.

Rachel Weisz as Hester Collyer.

Hester Collyer

Rachel Weisz

Tom Hiddleston’s character ‘Freddie Page’ is basically Lokki from the Marvel movies if he were born a human in the1950’s England. He is of course the charming, handsome, and an exciting English man. Tom Hiddleston is always great in the films he plays in and this film is no exception. He plays a complex character and you get to see a wide range of emotions from him. Rachel Weisz’s character ‘Hester Collyer seems like she has some king of personality disorder. She is living a very self-destructive life style that would make any person think that she needs professional help. She is a danger to her self and the worst part is that the people around her does not know that she may have a mental illness. Is this love? Does she really know what love is? Yes, there is a reason Rachel Weisz is a part of this websites top ten. She is so charming and talented.

Tom Huddleston as Freddie Page.

Freddie Page

Tom Huddleston

What is love? This is the question the film asks. Different characters through out the film have very different points of view of what love is. Some think that staying with the person you love till they are old and broken down, all the while loving them till the end is the answer. Some thinks it is the path to insanity. One character believes that Hester is not in love but is infatuated with Freddie and that her fixation is nothing more than a phase. Some just think that she has lost her mind. It is very interesting to see how almost every character in this movie has a deferent point of view about love.

Rachel Weisz and Tom Huddleston.

Rachel Weisz

Tom Huddleston

Not a bad film. The cinematography is fine. There is not much of a musical score in this movie but that is to bring out the seriousness of the situations the characters are in. The lighting of the movie is average but not bad. I have to say there is a lot of good acting in this movie. Tom Hiddleston is really into his character to the point that it does not seem like he is acting but being very real. I like how Hester’s Mother in law trolls Hester with something as simple as pouring evening tea. The movie is a rather calm and slow paced film instead of the fast action and high intensity type of films. The movie focuses on the characters and how they advance the plot in a critical time of their lives. Its an OK film. Middle of the road. I think some people who are impressed with Lokki from the Marvel films would be interested in Tom Hiddleston’s acting range.

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