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The Fountain (2006)

Score: 9/10

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Burstyn.

The Fountain  cover art

The Fountain

Rachel Weisz

Synopsis: A scientist named Tommy ( Hugh Jackman ) is struggling with mortality as he desperately searches for a medical breakthrough that will save the life of his cancer-stricken wife, Izzi.

Review: Tommy is a modern-day scientist who is looking for a cure for his wife’s cancer. His journey takes him every where a person could possibly go. He tries to create an experimental drug that is suppose to stop a tumor from growing bigger and or reverse the tumor all together. When this doesn’t work the way he wants it to, he becomes desperate and looks for answers else where.

Rachel Weisz as Izzi.


Rachel Weisz

Hugh Jackman gives this movie his all. He really did pour his heart and soul into this film. The pain on his face looks so real. Rachel Weisz gives her excellent performance as always. This film does not have many characters, which is probably a good thing. Instead of a film forcing the plot to serve the characters, we get a consistent story that never left me bored at any time of the film. I cant say the same about the film Murder On The Orient Express (2017).

Life’s Transition.

Life’s Transition

Life/Death Cycle

The film focuses in the concept of death. Does God exist? Will we reincarnate? Are ghosts real? Did we humans make all of this up because we were scared and needed answers? Perhaps in today’s world people are taking a more nihilistic ( the absolute belief in nothing ) point of view. The film sets the focus on a dying star referred to as ‘Xibalba’ a kind of waiting place before people reincarnate back into this world. The film posits that death is a way of creating life. The cycle of life and death, so to speak. But the film also posits that death is not the end but the next step in the journey of someone’s life. I guess when a person dies, they will find out if this is true the hard way.

The Fountain Golden Ring.

A Ring

A Promise

This movie is very similar to another film called A Monster Calls (2016). A book, a story, an unfinished story, a fantasy world, a tree with supposed healing properties, excepting reality, a male traveling between worlds from fantasy to reality, and the same male losing a female that he loves. These two films are very similar indeed. This movie is like a dream world. I’m reminded of the TV show Sliders where a group of people jump from one parallel universes to another. Some episodes of Star Gate Atlantis is like this as well. This film has a cinema style similar to the Charlize Theron’s film Aeon Flux (2005). Its a bit confusing at times because these films are so abstracted, but I love the artistic creativity.

The Fountain is a Interesting Film.

Interesting Film

Good Work!

The cinematography is perfect. The movie has a really cool mystical and elusive look and feel to it that takes you away into the artistic vibe of the film. The musical score accurately channels the ‘feel’ and ‘atmosphere’ of the film. The set dressing, backgrounds, and wardrobe are great for what kind of movie this is, a dream world. The lighting is fitting for the deferent aspects of the films characters. Some of these characters are emotionally in a ‘dark’ place, so you see that a scene is very dark in its lighting. The more desperate the character is, the darker the scene. You can sense their depression in certain situations due to the visual effects. When characters find enlightenment, the scenes glow lighter. This movie definitely takes you on a journey, even if that journey is confusing sometimes. This is a rather deep film with many layers. This is a good movie if you want to escape reality.

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