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Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Score: 8/10

Director: Len Wiseman

Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, India Eisley.

Underworld Awakening cover art


Kate Beckinsale

Synopsis: The humans finally discover the existence of the vampires and Lycans. A war to eradicate both species starts, forcing Selene ( Kate Beckinsale ) to lead a battle against humankind.

Review: So every one is freaking out that there are vampires every where and have been for a very long time. The real kicker is that humans are worse than both of the newly discovered species. Humans have made war in the most efficient ways, yet we are scared of vampires! LoL. The real war species is the humans. Selene is in more danger than ever. If she thought that Marcus was the greatest threat to her life, she was extremely wrong. I really like this part of the film. Its perplexing really. Do you cheer for your own kind the humans or do you cheer for the vampire, a creature that has been vilified for decades? You really get to see all of her Death Dealer skills being used in this movie which is very cool. The movie keeps ups a very high level of suspense. Selene must adapt to her ever changing dynamic environment at every turn.

India Eisley as Eve the Hybrid.

The Hybrid 'Eve'

India Eisley

The Lycans are in the process of a master plan to take over the whole earth. They are trying to develop immunity to all manner of weaponry. They are even developing ways to get bigger physically. If they succeed they may have a chance to lay waste to the humans in this world. Even with these levels of immunity they have developed, they still cannot take on armaments such as homing missiles directly. They are planning to take over the world in one fell swoop and it seems like they could do it too. So Selene has a child artificially made from her own DNA and Michaels. The first hybrid child is created so that the Lycans can harvest her DNA and make an extreme Lycan race stronger, faster, and more powerful than any other life form on this planet. Every one is trying to kill every one else in this film. Humans, vampires, and Lycans. The vampires used to be on top of everything with Viktor in charge, but now they are running and hiding like insects in this film.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene.


Kate Beckinsale

The film focuses on the concept of evolution. Just like in the animal kingdom, one animal pack versus another animal pack with all the Alphas fighting each other for complete control of the animal kingdom. The Lycans are trying to push evolution faster than nature intended. So they are in a sense weaponizing evolution as a power play for the whole earth. There is definitely a savage side to each species. No matter how each species have advanced, they just can’t seem to stop being an animal at heart. Kate Beckinsale has done an amazing job in this movie. You can see the fear and concern in her face when a new bad situation happens to her. The characters comes off as someone who has lots of experience and sharp as a tack. Good job.

Action Packed Selene.


Action Packed!

This in not a bad film at all, it just leaves you with so many unanswered question. There are abilities that Selene is capable of using but if its not directly concerned with the plot then she doesn’t use them. Everything is about pushing the plot forward. Its refreshing that Selene is a vampire. She does a lot of amazing stunts that would not be possible if she were a human by any form of Hollywood logic, but because she is not human its acceptable. The cinematography takes great advantage of the wide shots and utilizes them to full effect. Well done. There are some loose ends that needs tying up, so obviously there is a sequel. The film is not bad at all. Well done.

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