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Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Score: 9/10

Director: Len Wiseman

Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Tony Curran, Derek Jacobi.

Evolution cover art


Kate Beckinsale

Synopsis: After the events of the first film, Selene ( Kate Beckinsale ) is on the run with Michael ( Scott Speedman ) as they hunt for clues to reveal the history of their races and the war between them.

Review: Selene and Michael are on the run from not only the authorities but a apocalyptic monster known as Marcus ( Tony Curran ) who looks like something straight out of hell its self. He wants revenge for his brother and believes that he is a god. He meets his opposition with hard power. His policy is destroy everything and ask question later after the world burns to the ground. With the way Marcus behaves, you can see why every one wants him dead. Marcus’s brother is a gigantic white werewolf named William ( terrifying name by the way ) who is completely out of control and a critical danger to everyone in general. Viktor rightfully locked this monster away to keep every one on the planet safe. Marcus believes that his psychotic irredeemable actions is justice for his brother who is a uncontrollable psycho and full blown werewolf, as though freeing him and letting him roam around the world with regular people is a good thing. Viktor should have locked them both of them up and melted the key but instead, Selene has it and Marcus wants it to free his brother.

Kate Beckinsale is the best.

Thank You!

Kate Beckinsale!

Selene is finally able to open up and show her emotions and vulnerability. Its great because Kate Beckinsale is able to show her superb acting skills and talents on camera. When we get to see a deeper side of this amazing character Selene, its like a breath of fresh air. I am very pleased that this sequel has build upon the first film and developed her character more. Selene has a balance between being hard and soft. She is much more real as far has personality is concerned. She is able to confront her past with the support of Michael. You can see that Kate Beckinsale put a lot of herself into this character in order to make Selene’s character more realistic. I love it when actors do that. Thank you Kate Beckinsale for your amazing work!

Kate Beckinsale as Selene.


Kate Beckinsale

The film focuses on the concepts of change. Times change and people change. The older vampires that try to keep the world the same but find that their antics are not adapting well to the world around them. Secrets come back to haunt them. Their ‘sins’ are exposed and in a time where their ideas of punishment and order was looked upon with admiration and respect, they are look at as evil cruel people by the newer generation. Tearing down the old system and starting a new way of life is personified by Selene and Michael staying together and loving each other even though their relationship is considered taboo and would have been unsuccessful in the time of the old order. Just like what happened to Viktor’s daughter Sonja when she was with Lucian. The nature of the universe brings about change and evolution, constantly progressing into the future. Those who can not adapt die and those who can adapt live. The ones who live become stronger than they were before, as shown by Selene’s new found abilities and Michaels continued transformation.

Selene and Michael.



The film is shot better than the first one and the director Len Wiseman, uses more color than the first film, well, a little more color. The camera work is better than the first movie in terms of the fight scenes. This film is consistent with the narrative set up by the first film. Normally some one would say ‘of course! its suppose to be!’ but lets not forget that the later Underworld films do not stay true to their own narrative. There is better use of story telling elements here than the later films. I did enjoy watching this film a lot. I actually enjoyed the behind the scenes footage just as much as the feature film. I love seeing how they made this movie and how Kate Beckinsale and director Len Wiseman wanted to evolve the character Selene. This movies is a worthy sequel to the first movie.

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