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Voice from the stone (2017)

Score: 7/10

Director: Eric D. Howell.

Stars: Emillia Clarke, Marton Csokas, Catrerina Murino, Kate Linder

Voice from the stone cover art

Voice from the stone

Emillia Clarke

Synopsis: A 1950s Tuscany ghost story. Verena, a nurse is hired to aid a young boy who has fallen silent since the sudden passing of his mother.

Review: The home is haunted. Yeah in the beginning of this movie you see this amazingly beautiful mansion. It has the stereotypical fog all around it as Verena ( Emillia Clarke ) walks to the front door. I guess the movie gets straight to the point in that scene, letting you know from the beginning what’s up with this house. Yes folks, this is a ghost film. A classy and artistic ghost film.

A very classy English lady.



Emillia Clarke does a great job in this film. She is very classy in a way that is not usually seen in today’s modern films. She wears very classy clothing. She plays a highly intelligent nurse who specializes in helping troubled children. Seriously, I love her work in this film. You can tell she has a lot of talent and experience in acting. She’s great and in my opinion one of the best, that’s why she is a top actress on this web site. To honor all the hard work she has done in her career. She is simply amazing!

Emillia Clarke as Verena.


Emillia Clarke

The father Klaus ( Marton Csokas ) is strict and keeps order in his home. He seems to be heart broken still by the passing of his wife. Its understandable since he loved her. He is also a sculptor who has not done any art work for a while. Klaus has a son named Jakob who has not spoken since his mother died in front of him. I guess as an added bonus we also get the typical silent male servant who just stares at every one and hardly ever says a word, lol. Like an old black and white Sherlock Holmes film or something. The little boy Jakob has the ability to hear the ghost of his mother through a wall. Yeah it sounds strange. Verena makes every attempt to help the boy, but he is not making it easy for her. She does not believe he can actually hear the ghost of his mother but is acting out as a form of denial. The boy on the other hand is adamant and will not accept that there is no after life. But of course, this is a haunted house.

Emillia Clarke classy English lady.

Well Done!

Emillia Clarke!

There is beautiful cinematography in this movie. The use of slow motion along side the musical score is very well done. The mansion this movie takes place in is a very photogenic home. This is a very slow pace movie, which is fine given the kind of movie this is. This is also a period piece with well done camera work. It has a good atmosphere to it. The film does take you away into what feels like the old world of Italy. Props, lighting, set dressing, and wardrobe are excellent. Some superb use of wide shots and slow zoom ins as well. If I had to say, this is a film about moving on. Accepting the past but not letting the past hold you back. I have never really been into the whole ‘ghost movie’ genre, but I surprisingly enjoyed this film.

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