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Dream House (2011)

Score: 6/10

Director: Jim Sheridan

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Marton Csokas, Elias Koteas, Taylor Geare.

Dream House cover art

Dream House

Rachel Weisz

Synopsis: Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against the former residents of the dwelling.

Review: A successful publisher Will Atenton ( Daniel Craig ) quits his job in New York to relocate his family to a New England home. One day a group of teens are caught in the basement of the home practicing a strange ritual. When Will confronts the teens they tell him that everyone who was in the home has murdered. Will then speaks to the local police about the case, they tell him that the case is technically still open and that they never caught the father who murdered his family.

Rachel Weisz as Libby.


Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz gives solid performance as always. I have to say, Rachel Weisz has a very convincing American accent. I think she definitely mastered it. I can hear the British accent bleeding through the voice of the other British actresses such as Emma Watson and Maisie Williams. Good job Rachel Weisz. Marton Csokas is in yet another ghost film. He must like playing in these kinds of movies. His other film was Voice from the Stone (2017) with Emilia Clarke. Daniel Craig is a very good actor of course. He seems very convincing. The film has a top notch cast, unfortunately the movie is not best I have reviewed. There is not much depth to this film. It has a pretty straight forward story line.

Rachel Weisz with her kids.

Rachel Weisz

with her kids

Eventually Will gets a very bad fever that makes him question his reality. Just like Harry Mason from the video game Silent Hill by Konami. Will is falling asleep and waking up in a deferent world just like the Silent Hill games. Although I think the remake ‘Silent Hill Shattered Memories’ is best suited for this comparison. Will is a publisher in this movie while Harry is a writer in the game. Both the movie and the game takes place in the winter. Silent Hill has a story line that is very similar to this one, with James as a guy who did not know that he killed his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Will, he got seriously messed up in the head.

Rachel Weisz.



Yes, this is a ghost movie. The film has some what of a mystical and elusive feel to it. The cinematography is decent. The musical score is the standard industry set. The movie is very daring with its plot twists. The film has guts. There are not as many jump scares unlike other ghost movies. The backgrounds are fitting and the set dressing is decent for what it is. The movie does take a lot from other franchises. Its rather a slow movie. I’m not really into the whole ghost movie genre. These films are more the same than they are deferent. The movie its self is middle of the road. Watch it if your bored.

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