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Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (2002)

Score: 7/10

Director: Chris Columbus

Stars: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris.

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets cover art

Chamber of Secrets

Emma Watson

Synopsis: The second movie in the series based on the novels by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter receives a dire warning not to return to Hogwarts which is under attack.

Review: A rouge wizard uses a book he obtains in order to manipulate events that will lead him to accomplish his goals. The danger of this person is that he will stop at nothing in order to get what he wants, even if that means harming people to get his way. This ‘Warlock’ of sorts, engages in what is known as game theory to get his advantage because of his current state of being. He plays every one like a chess piece. Not entirely different from senator Palpatine in Star Wars, playing every one for his grand design. This villain relies on the actions of other people before he can make his next move. He is the ever present silent observer, stalking in the shadows changing the lives of his pawns.

Harry and Ron.

Tag Team


Some one really needs to remove every bottle of peroxide from Hogwarts just to keep it away from Draco Malfoy’s head, JK. Yes he is a real brat. I guess he is supposed do be the stereotypical run of the mill smart mouth villain who has social issues and is always mad all the time. Maybe Snape can come up with some kind of anti-psychotic magic potion that turns crazy nutters like Draco into a semi-sane person because this fool really needs it bad. He wishes Hermione would die? Wow, I would say that maybe he is just a kid acting out but that’s cold. Harry seems to have some kind of ghost girl friend? OK. Well she at least has some sort of crush on him. That would be one heck of a strange relationship. I’m not sure if that’s a long distance relationship or just other worldly.

Ron and Hermione.

Ron and


I don’t like spiders. They creep me out yet the creators of this franchise had an army of giant spiders attack Harry and Ron. Yes it was creepy. For obvious reasons, that is my least favorite scene in this movie. Giant snakes, yes another thing I do not like is in this movie. More to creep me out! Harry is in a mystery type of story line where a lot of his resources are not at his disposal. He has to dig deep and find the strength to over come his obstacles, which makes him not only a stronger wizard but also a stronger person.

Ron and Harry.

Kale Smoothie?

Drink up!

Another kids movie with child like adventures. This movie definitely expanded on the first one. Its some thing to keep the kids occupied for about two hours. Not a bad film. It was kind of funny.

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