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The Circle (2017)

Score: 7/10

Director: James Ponsoldt.

Stars: Emma Watson, John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Bill Paxton.

The Circle cover art

The Circle

Emma Watson

Synopsis: Mae lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called ‘The Circle‘, only to uncover the nefarious agenda that will affect the lives of her friends, family, and the whole world.

Review: So the film starts off with Mae (Emma Watson) down on her luck. She drive a raggedy car and works at a call center as a temporary worker. Yes I’m having flash backs right now folks! Her father is suffering from an ailment that is not covered by their insurance ‘MS‘ or Multiple Sclerosis. This causes Mae some depression but is ultimately one of the contributing factors leading her to strive for a better job and his a major factor for what may seem to be questionable ideas that she agrees to with the tech CEO. Agreeing to social media transparency for the sake of keeping her job so her father can stay on a health care plan that is showing favorable results in helping him with his sickness.

Emma Watson.

At Speech

Emma Watson

I can hear Emma Watson’s British accent bleeding through her uncomfortable American accent. This happened to Maisie Williams in the movie Heatstroke and Kate Beckinsale in Nothing but the Truth. There seems to be a ‘shake’ in their voice that says they are trying hard to sound like some one they are not. Its admirable that they are giving it their all and of course this blog site is made to honor their hard work. Interestingly enough John Boyega knows how to do an American accent perfectly, just like in the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Emma Watson with friend .


with friend

So I guess Tom Hanks is playing a geriatric knock off version Mark Zuckerberg. He says all the typical run of the mill, time a dozen, and age old inspirational tech start up Silicon Valley CEO talk that we hear all of the time, nothing new and nothing special of any kind at all. The only difference is that they are not usually as old as Bailey (Tom Hanks). He tries to keep the whole fun filled environment as to keep the young people happy and excited to work at this tech company. But his motivations are not clear. It may seems like we know what he is up to, but really his motivations are not actually explained.

Emma Watson as Mae.

Emma Watson


The film hyper focuses on the direction the humanity ‘seems’ to headed. Transparency, Big data collection, systems analysis, and data analytics. but the movie borderlines the ridiculous. Its kind of weird actually. I do wonder how this company ‘The Circle’ is not in some serious trouble with the government for some of the things they do in this film. The fact that in this movie a statement is made by Mae that people will behave better when they are being watched, shows that the company is becoming a god of sorts. It knows all of your vitals, your finances, your criminal record, and cameras are everywhere. This concept is more of double edged sword. The Circle finds good in the system they have created such as catching very dangerous criminals and keeping children safe from predators and human trafficking. But also it has some scenes of major invasions of privacy and I mean major of the most extreme kind! One scene is very embarrassing for Emma Watson’s character Mae. Basically the worst nightmare come true.

Hermione and Harry.


Social Media

The movie seems like it is not finished. Like there was suppose to be more it. Certain scenes didn’t have closer. There are times in this movie when it seems great and fun to see what happens next. Other time the movie seemed weird like there was not any real motivation for some of the characters actions is this film. Its not a bad film I think it needed to be filled out more and some loose ends tied. It was actually fun to watch. This is a more middle of the road movie.

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