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Top 10 2017 Films

top ten movies of 2017.


Top 10 Movies!

Review: Let me just say as a film critic that 2017 was a pretty good year for movies. This article will focuses on the best films that have British actress and films that don’t. We will be starting with the worst, not so good, moderate, and best films in this list. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Worst Film of 2017:

Number 10: The Book of Love

The Book of Love movie cover.

Number 10!

The Book of Love

Wow! This was impressively bad! This was the worst I reviewed this whole year and the most unethical film of 2017. So basically the film is about a man who’s wife dies because she is not paying attention to the road. She smacks right into a truck head on and dies. the husband should have had psychological therapy to deal with his lose but instead decides to literally rip his house apart and build a raft that takes him out to sea. Worst yet, he brings a young under aged girl along and she almost gets killed. I really do wonder how some of these films get approved by the studios that makes these movies.

Not so Good Film:

Number 9: Murder On The Orient Express

Murder On The Orient Express movie poster.

Number 9!

The Orient Express

This film is drawn out. Sure there are good parts of the film such as the perfect cinematography and color, but the movie lags on for a while, especially in the second act. Its a bit disappointing because a lot of us Star Wars fans wanted to see a good film with Daisy Ridley in it but this is what we got. The movie could have need better.

Moderate Films:

Number 8: Mother!

mother movie poster.

Number 8!


I’m not going to lie. I didn’t know what the heck was going on in this movie for a very long while. The film seems to be inspired by the 90’s version of the MGM TV show ‘The Outer Limits’. Yes, I saw an episode that was just like this film, but instead of a guy writer, it was a girl writer in the TV show. I could not help but keep my eyes glued to the screen wondering what was going to happen next. Interestingly enough, complete and utter chaos thrown into the movie is surprisingly interesting.

Number 7: iBoy

iBoy movie poster.

Number 7!


This is a very interesting film. There are so many twists and turns in the story that you cant but help being interesting in what your are seeing no matter how unrealistic it is on the screen. I have to say that this film did its job at keeping the audience interested in the film. The movie is always changing and the main protagonist is always challenged in new ways.

Number 6: Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok movie cover.

Number 6!

Thor: Ragnarok

This film has the amazing Australian actress Cate Blanchett. Her talent is superb and deserves recognition. This film makes it on the top ten because it some how took a character who’s movies where, how should I say, not so great at all and makes a well developed character out of them. Instead of Thor being the ‘son of Odin‘, He becomes the ruler of Asgard. Instead of him needing his magic hammer, he uses the power that was already apart of him, which is much closer to the Viking legend. Its good to see the character grow and stop taking a back seat to the other Marvel characters. Good job.

Best Films:

Number 5: Logan

>Logan movie cover.

Number 5!


Wow! This film isn’t your ordinary comic book movie at all! This movie really took comic book films to a whole deferent level that I hope FOX keeps going with. To me, this is the best X-men movie because it is smothered in realism like I have never seen in a film before. Keep in mind that I am not really into X-men films. I usually skip them and watch something else instead, but I am really glade that I didn’t skip this one. Its a worthy movie to watch.

Number 4: The Circle

The Circle movie poster.

Number 4!

The Circle

This movie is like looking into a paralleled universe where technology is a little further advanced than the world we live in now. Emma Watson is thrust into the technological world of IT and social media. Privacy becomes a thing of the past and being connected to every one in the world at the same time becomes the new norm for our main protagonist. The concerning part of this movie is that we people seems to be on this path of living through our Cyber identities. Maybe not? In today’s world of smart phones and algorithms, this movie is highly recommended.

Number 3: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman movie cover.

Number 3!

Wonder Woman

This was pretty good! You can tell this is a high quality film. A movie like this could have been heavily smothered in the fad of the state of politics of today but the director didn’t take that approach. This is good because the film will age well when future generations see this film for the first time. I like how every character uses reason and logic to figure things out. This film is a great example of How to Write the Female Action Protagonist and I’m very glade to have seen this kind of high quality film. Great Job!

Number 2: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming movie cover.

Number 2!

Spider-Man Homecoming

This was great! I loved this film. Some how the film takes something that is legitimately old and makes it feel new again. Lets be honest, its so good the have Spider-Man back in the Marvel universe with all of the other characters. It just feels right! The film skips the same old and tired intro story and gets to the heart of the film. This shows you how much Marvel pays attention to the fan base which is very good. Big thanks to Sony and Marvel for putting differences aside and doing something special for the fans! Great work and thank you.

Number 1: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi movie poster.

Number 1!

The Last Jedi

Yes folks, this is the number one film of the year for this web site. This is the most polarizing movie I have every heard of and trust me the backlash was really bad to the point where I had to cut communication from some people I have had contact with for some years because the fan-boy rage was so intense! They went into full fan-boy rage like I have never seen before! Obviously I am a critic and most critics loved the film, the fans on the other hand, not so much. The look on Mark Hamill’s face after the screening was priceless. Regardless of what most people say, that film does actually give the characters the development they deserve. That’s probably just me saying that as a film critic. Of course its by no means a perfect film but it is good enough to beat out another good movies. Congratulations to the superb British Actress Daisy Ridley for her part in this great film!

Conclusion: Keep in mind this is just my opinion. Thank you all so much for being with me through the year of 2017. I look forward to the next year 2018. Lets hope movies keep getting better. Thank you very much!

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